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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Load Sensing for ITBs

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I was reading a past article for tuning ITBs (individual throttle bodies) and had a question about how you would meter the induction air. Would you use AFM or MAP? Also, do you think using ITBs from a motorcycle is logical?

Kyle Kuhlmann

You can use either a MAP sensor or AFM. A MAP sensor will need a vacuum/boost signal derived from all throttles – not just one. An airflow meter can be used so long as the throttles are contained in a plenum that connects to the AFM. The airflow meter has advantages in terms of tuning accuracy and is a good choice so long as it doesn’t cause excess airflow restriction. The Nissan RB26DETT, GTi-R-spec SR20DET and early model Toyota 4A-GE 20V use individual throttle bodies – and all use an airflow meter. Re motorbike throttles... We suggest comparing the power output per cylinder of the donor bike against the car. If they generate similar power there shouldn’t be any major problems.

Mazda Mess Up

Great mag - as always. Just to clarify re Practical Performers - Part One... The V6 engine in the Telstar/626/MX6 (Australian models) is the 2.5 litre KL03. It’s a detuned version of the KLZE, which is highly sought after from Japanese import wreckers. Remember the V6 Ford Laser you profiled a few years ago (Pot Grower)? It’s now running around with the KLZE!

Jason McIntosh

Well spotted! Correction made.

Problem with Spray Module

I purchased the AutoSpeed/Labtronics intercooler water spray module (as seen at Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray - Part 1). I have wired it all up as per the instructions, but can’t make the injector wire work. The kit states that I should power it up first without the injector wire connected and that there should be three green lights. Did this and got the three green lights.

Next, the instructions say to connect the injector lead to one side of the injector and, if I don’t see a solid green light, to hook it up to the other side. I have done this - but this is where my problem is...

Connected to either side of the injector I get the green light cycling on and off in five second intervals. My car is a Holden VT Commodore GENIII with a supercharger.

I am hoping you might be able to shed some light on my problems or at least supply me with some contact details of someone that might be able to help.

David Sharp

We suggest contacting the designer/manufacturer – Labtronics – on +61 8 8231 5966.

Turbo Oil Pump Requirements

I am writing re your article that mentions rear mounted turbos (Ten Tech Tips). I would appreciate it greatly if you could answer a couple of questions for me:

1) What flow would you recommend for the return oil pump?

2) Would you be able to suggest a suitable pump available in the UK ?

John Hodgkinson

Can any readers make some suggestions?

That Beauty XR8 Airbox...

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I read with interest your article on the Ford XR8 on the weekend (Driving Emotion) and was wondering if you had any more photos of the XR8 airbox you raved about. It may well give a very nice, professional finish to the clubman I am building if I can use a well finished factory airbox.

Julian Kenny

The airbox can be seen fitted to the turbo Prius at The Story of Turbo'ing a Hybrid Prius, Part 2 and in our new car test at Ford BA Mark II XR8 and in the modification article Xeding Expectations Oh, and you can see one at your local Ford dealer!

Additional Injector Controller

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Just wondering if you have seen any DIY kits for additional injector control that allow for changing pulse width with load? Something like a cross between the nitrous fuel controller and perhaps the digital fuel adjuster?

Toma Kicovic

The Digital Pulse Adjuster (DPA) is what you need. See the AutoSpeed shop or Jaycar for further details.

Late-Model LPG?

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With current fuel costs (which are still going up) I was wondering if you would do articles on LPG conversions for modern cars. I have a preference for Subarus but the local dealer said Subaru would void the warranty if any of their cars were converted to LPG. It also seems that regulations have changed and fitting a complying kit is limited to only a few cars (no Subies). I have a WRX which I would love to get converted - do you know anyone who can do this in Sydney or surrounds?

Denis Cobley

If you haven’t already, check out Getting Gas... for our article on manufacturer-approved LPG installations. We haven’t seen any LPG-powered WRXs – can any readers suggest some contacts?

Not Talking to the Trans

Thanx for the great articles. I am currently scanning your site coz I’m so desperate... I urgently need to get in touch with someone who can help me with the computer on my auto Nissan Skyline GTS (1997). I’ve fitted an aftermarket fuel management system but now need to send the right inputs to the stock trans computer... Any info/contacts will be greatly appreciated.

Ronald Smit
South Africa

You may be able to piggy-back your new ECU to work in conjunction with the factory ECU. In this set-up, the programmable system controls fuel and ignition and the factory ECU is left to control the transmission. Your management seller and/or installer should be able to do this for you. Alternatively, you might want to look at a programmable transmission control ECU – see or for more.

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