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Audi S-Line Express

An Audi A4 S-Line that'll give a S4 a run for its money

Words by Michael Knowling, Pix by Julian Edgar

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At a glance...

  • Late '05 Audi A4 S-Line
  • APR upgrade turbo kit
  • Carbon fibre airbox and upgrade exhaust
  • Approximately 250kW
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The A4 S-Line is a sleeper in the performance Audi range. Everyone knows to beware of the mighty S3 to S8 models but beyond that, nobody seems to know much about what’s fast and what’s not.

It’s these people that get embarrassed by the performance of the A4 S-Line – especially a modified example like this one...

In factory guise, the ’05/’06 S-Line packs 147kW/280Nm, a six-speed manual ‘box and wears a subtle body kit with 17 inch wheels. With the benefit of quattro AWD, Audi quotes 0 – 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and there’s plenty of performance when you want it in real-world driving – its 2-litre FSI turbo engine has oodles of torque at all revs.

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Simon O’Keefe purchased this late ’05 Audi S-Line brand new with optional 18s, a Remus muffler and electric sunroof. With an untouched engine, Simon thought straight line performance was pretty decent and the car offered a suitable amount of bling – important given he works in the fashion industry.

But this is a car that begs for some tweakin’.

While the standard ride height was fine for coping with spoon drains and steep driveways, Simon decided to improve the aesthetics with a lowered stance. A set of KW Variant 3 adjustable coil-overs deliver a ride height about 45 – 50mm lower than standard and provide adjustable damping characteristics.

The original 18 inch rims have also disappeared to make way for upsized 19 inch Konig Unknowns wearing Ventis K104 Sport tyres in a 245/35 19 size. This is about as big as you can fit beneath the standard guards.

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The next item on the agenda was improved performance. Simon is fairly new to the world of modified cars so he didn’t want to go too extreme. The solution was a tried-and-proven APR K04 turbo upgrade kit obtained through Volkspower in Melbourne. The K04 kit comprises a one-size-bigger KKK turbocharger and replacement exhaust manifold (which we believe are genuine Audi parts) together with a reprogrammed engine management system. APR claims 222kW and 435Nm at the flywheel. Cost of the kit is just under AUD$6000.

Click for larger image

Dean Coutts, owner/manager of Volkspower, says the K04 kit gives better than standard bottom-end performance thanks to the revised mapping while the bigger turbo provides stronger mid-range and top-end rush. It’s the best of both worlds. Interestingly, the fuel system could be left standard as the S-Line has bigger injectors than found in a normal A4 Turbo.

While the new ‘charger was being bolted on, Simon also recognised the opportunity to upgrade the air intake and exhaust system. A Carbonio carbon fibre airbox provides a free-flowing supply of cool induction air while an APR stainless steel turbo-back exhaust lets the turbine spin freely. The exhaust releases kilowatts without excessive noise.

With somewhere around 250kW, Simon says the next step is replacement of the factory intercooler. We’re told that the stock ‘cooler suffers considerable heat-soak on hot days and when driven in slow moving traffic.

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The cabin of the S-Line is all class with factory black leather, a premium sound system and plenty of equipment. The only change is a Defi 2 Bar boost gauge which offers a peak recall function, record and playback modes – it’s a very sophisticated gauge!

Once the new intercooler is sorted, Simon plans to add some more interest to the interior by ripping out the factory leather (cry!) and replacing it with Emu skin leather. As we said, Simon is in the fashion industry so we trust that he knows how to make it look good!

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“With the latest mods the car drives a hundred times better than standard,” Simon says.

“I’ll get the intercooler and interior done and then I wouldn’t mind putting a bigger body kit on it,”

Once that’s done it is likely the car will remain pretty much as is. It’s got style, performance, practicality and almost OE levels of reliability and durability. What on earth could you want to do beyond that?


+61 3 9808 6777

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