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Issue 707 of AutoSpeed

Cheap DIY high current power supply

Cheap and easy

Stunning failures

Fantastic machines - but they didn't really go anywhere

Technology of Adaptive Cruise Control

Car cruise controls that use radar to maintain pace with the car in front!

Nissan Pulsar ET and EXA

These days we forget the impact that the Pulsar EXA and ET made on Australian small car performance.

Issue 706 of AutoSpeed

Budget FWD suspension upgrade, Part 3

This issue, roll stiffness and rear dampers

Real World Spoiler Development

Measuring ride height to find out if a front spoiler works.

Inside the Black Box

How Flight Data Recorders can live through aircraft crashes.

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Some aspects of fast driving never change...

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Modifying Speed-Sensitive Power Steering

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World's Greatest Cars, Part 2

Less than $5 and yet can make a real driving improvement

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 5

Building a speaker system into the floor and walls of a house

Sound in the Lounge, Part 1

You don't need an expensive factory towbar harness - even on CAN bus cars.

Towbar Electronics

The frame, seat and chain path

Chalky, Part 6

A home-built jet-powered kid's scooter...

John's Jet Madness!

A groundbreaking car...

Fifty Years of the Mini

Shaping sheet metal

Panel beating for beginners

Modifying the regen braking system on a Toyota Prius

A World First: Modifying Regen Braking

Books that you'll keep forever

The Ten Must-Have Books

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