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Issue 689 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 14 First road tuning of the MoTeC

Getting the ignition timing, fuel, boost and EGR right

The Rover Jet Cars

When the world seemed to be breathlessly waiting for a new motive power for cars...

Rear Sway Bars: Improving FWD Handling

A real and effective seventy-five dollar handling upgrade

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 8

Using an electronic voltage switch module

Issue 688 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 13 - Idle Speed Control

Making the engine idle sweetly

Making a carbon fibre dash panel

Good looks and easy

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 7

Relays are much overlooked but they're cheap and effective

The Plastic Penis

Washing cars to pay the bills.

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Achieving seven times the life from ultra-high performance gearboxes!

High Performance Gearbox Steels

Tweaking the engine management to run non-standard mixtures in closed loop

Altering Closed Loop Mixtures

Getting a great looking and durable finish

Powdercoating of fabricated parts

Making it easier to work on your car

The Spit

Is it worth producing your own fuel?

Making Your Own Bio-Diesel

A breakthrough car that proved to be a step too far

The NSU Ro 80

Ten great home workshop ideas

Useful Ideas

Exploring some potential ultra light-weight vehicle building materials

Cardboard Cars?

When not enough current is being produced

Upgrading the Alternator

Drives like a big engine... but drinks like a little one! How do you achieve that?

The Confidence Trick

Building an adjustable temperature alarm - and more!

eLabtronics EZ System, Part 4

Finding the best place to put an engine cold air intake

Siting Cold Air Intakes

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