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Issue 714 of AutoSpeed

Sawing metal

The different machines you can buy

Fan-Forcing Your Intercooler, Part 2

Controlling the speed of your new fan-forced intercooler blower

The History of Mazda's Rotary Engine

An unparalleled story of success with an alternative design of car engine

Issue 713 of AutoSpeed

The Mercedes Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile

A different approach to low drag aerodynamics

Stuff you can build for your home workshop

From parts storage to a welding fume extractor

Fan-Forcing Your Intercooler, Part 1

Improving intercooler efficiency, especially in stop/start conditions

Analysing Road Car Drag

The different components of aero drag

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Measuring the downforce on a new front spoiler

Real World Spoiler Development

A new engine designed to extend the range of plug-in hybrid cars

The Lotus Range Extender Engine

Introducing... Vortex Generators!

Blowing the Vortex, Part 1

Riding a DIY electric bike

Building an Electric Bike Part 3

Then the world's most powerful six cylinder passenger car diesel

BMW's Twin Turbo Diesel

Easy, cheap and effective

Building a home sound amplifier, Part 1

A very powerful electronic modification tool that costs nearly nothing...

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 6

A unique solution to reducing vibration in driving lights

Mounting big driving lights, Part 2

Achievable and real-world ways to reduce your fuel bill

Improving Fuel Economy

Battery monitoring like you've never seen it before

One very smart LED

DIY knock detection - cheap, easy and very effective!

Hearing Detonation

One of the all-time great aero specials

Holden Commodore VL SS Group A Walkinshaw

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