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Issue 722 of AutoSpeed

The stunning Cords

Incredible looking cars - but all was not as it seemed

Adding a Beep to Your Locking

An audible indication that your car is locked

The Electric Porsche

Not a flat six in sight...

Issue 721 of AutoSpeed

The breakthrough technology of Woofer Tester

Measure Thiele Small speaker specs and design speaker enclosures in just minutes!

A dozen home workshop tech tips

Tricks and tips to apply in your work space

Getting into Leather

Restoring a leather interior to near-new condition

Back to the DeLorean

A look at the stainless bodied rear-engine'd sportscar that was made famous on the big screen - the DeLorean...

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A day of testing with the Hyundai i30 diesel rally car

Pushing Limits

Developing an aero undertray for a Toyota Prius!

Modifying Under-Car Airflow, Part 2

The series conclusion

A New Home Workshop, Part 10

This is what happens when you put a current Merc diesel into a 20 year old body!

Mercedes Makeover

Describing how diesel burns

Diesel cetane ratings

Buying and using a lathe

Making Things, Part 8

Avoiding damaging bangs

Detonation and Pre-Ignition

Useful parts for nothing

Getting the Good Parts from Scanners!

A brilliant workshop fire alarm you can build yourself

DIY Workshop Fire Alarm

The most important aircraft ever?

The Wright Flyer III

Want to build your own home workshop? Here's how to begin.

Building a Home Workshop, Part 1

Almost beyond belief in its brilliance

The Amazing Tesla

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