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Issue 694 of AutoSpeed

USA Diary, Part 5

Wrapping-up the 5-week trip

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 13

Wrapping-up our brilliant DIY series

World's Best Intercooler Water Spray, Part 2

Installing the brilliant water spray

Issue 693 of AutoSpeed

High Energy Ignition upgrade for older cars

Perfect for older cars

USA Diary, Part 4

The incredible aviation and space museums in Washington DC

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 12

Intercepting analog and digital signals

World's Best Intercooler Water Spray, Part 1

Absolute cutting edge stuff on a budget

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Measuring wheel suspension rates

Peak boost in one-third of a second!

Is This Your Electric Supercharger?

The first steam turbine powered vessel - and it was the fastest in the world!

The Turbinia

Steps in mixing and matching front brake components

Selecting components for upsized front brakes

Finding the best fuel for cars of the future - the real answers

Assessing the Alternatives

Organising storage

A New Home Workshop, Part 8

Some aspects of fast driving never change...

Fast Past

So what stuff is worth salvaging out of old air conditioners?

The Good Bits out of old Air-Conditioners

What you need to know about arc welding

Beginners' Guide to Welding, Part 1

A custom PowerChip remap - now she comes alive!

Powering-Up the 1.9 litre TDI, Part 4

Achieving seven times the life from ultra-high performance gearboxes!

High Performance Gearbox Steels

Why an engine's peak power figure is becoming increasingly insignificant

Forget the Kilowatts

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