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Issue 693 of AutoSpeed

High Energy Ignition upgrade for older cars

Perfect for older cars

USA Diary, Part 4

The incredible aviation and space museums in Washington DC

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 12

Intercepting analog and digital signals

World's Best Intercooler Water Spray, Part 1

Absolute cutting edge stuff on a budget

Issue 692 of AutoSpeed

USA Diary, Part 3

Hating New York City

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 11

Measuring analog and digital signals

Electronic Fuel Pressure Increase

A cheap and easy method of getting more high-load fuel

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Building an adjustable temperature alarm - and more!

eLabtronics EZ System, Part 4

Less than $5 and yet can make a real driving improvement

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 5

A very easy way of comparing spring stiffness between different cars

Measuring wheel suspension rates

Getting a home workshop to the lock-up stage

Building a Home Workshop, Part 4

Designing structures so they won't fail

Making Things, Part 1

Where turbos are heading

New Tech Turbocharging

From the weird to the weirder!

The GM Concept Cars

Easy - but only in retrospect!

Upgrading the Roomster's Front Brakes

The rear suspension

Chalky, Part 5

Techniques to revolutionise your car modification

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 1

This is what happens when you put a current Merc diesel into a 20 year old body!

Mercedes Makeover

Introducing... Vortex Generators!

Blowing the Vortex, Part 1

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