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Issue 702 of AutoSpeed

Fascinating cars

Here are some cars you've probably never seen before

Brake Bias

Getting the front and back brakes to do the right amount of work in a modified system.

Fitting a Supercharger, Part 3

Organising the belt drive

Issue 701 of AutoSpeed

Tuning for maximum fuel economy

Programmable management tricks and tips

Streamliners of the 1930s

Two incredible cars

The Patent Files: Putting Water in the Fuel!

Fitting a Supercharger, Part 2

Making the blower mounts

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Some of AutoSpeed's Most Popular Articles

Sounds ridiculous - but is it?

Alternative Cars, Part 4 - Human Powered

The frame, seat and chain path

Chalky, Part 6

A brilliant new temperature controller that's so cheap it's unbelievable.

$25 Temperature Controller and Display!

A custom PowerChip remap - now she comes alive!

Powering-Up the 1.9 litre TDI, Part 4

Making plans

A New Home Workshop, Part 2

Wrapping-up our brilliant DIY electronic car modification series

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 13

To improve fuel economy, why not just reduce the amount of fuel that's injected?

Running Lean for Economy

Less than $5 and yet can make a real driving improvement

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 5

The most important aircraft ever?

The Wright Flyer III

Putting a super-bright LED interior light in your car

Upgrading to LED Interior Lighting

The 1100hp Porsche 917

The Early Days of Turbo Part 3

How to monitor the output of a factory-fitted wide-band oxygen sensor

Monitoring Factory Oxygen Sensors, Part 2

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