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Issue 714 of AutoSpeed

Sawing metal

The different machines you can buy

Fan-Forcing Your Intercooler, Part 2

Controlling the speed of your new fan-forced intercooler blower

The History of Mazda's Rotary Engine

An unparalleled story of success with an alternative design of car engine

Issue 713 of AutoSpeed

The Mercedes Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile

A different approach to low drag aerodynamics

Stuff you can build for your home workshop

From parts storage to a welding fume extractor

Fan-Forcing Your Intercooler, Part 1

Improving intercooler efficiency, especially in stop/start conditions

Analysing Road Car Drag

The different components of aero drag

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Building an Ultra Light-Weight Car, Part 2

Less than $5 and yet can make a real driving improvement

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A brilliant workshop fire alarm you can build yourself

DIY Workshop Fire Alarm

Huge lights without a roo- or nudge-bar

Mounting big driving lights, Part 1

Building the workbenches

A New Home Workshop, Part 9

Peak boost in one-third of a second!

Is This Your Electric Supercharger?

One of the most amazing constructions ever

Building the Eiffel Tower

First testing results

Chalky, Part 7

Do it yourself development of an aero undertray

Undertrays, Spoilers & Bonnet Vents, Part 2

Overcoming stripped threads

Easy thread repair

This is what happens when you put a current Merc diesel into a 20 year old body!

Mercedes Makeover

Giving factory seats more support and comfort

Reshaping Factory Seats

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