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Issue 700 of AutoSpeed

Tuning programmable management on the road, Part 2

Setting acceleration enrichment, over-run fuel injector cut-off, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and turbo boost control.

Bolt Materials and Terms

Aircraft quality fasteners, Inconel fasteners, yield and tensile strengths - what do they all mean?

Fitting a Supercharger, Part 1

The step-by-step of fitting a wrecker blower

Issue 699 of AutoSpeed

Tuning programmable management on the road, Part 1

The required tools, and tuning the main fuel and ignition charts

A different sort of hybrid powertrain

4000kW, four diesels and a huge battery pack - submarine technology over 70 years ago

The Patent Files: Turning Vanes

Improving head and intake manifold flows by using tiny vanes to help the gases turn the corners.

Accelerometer Adventures - Part Two

Measuring your car's braking and cornering abilities.

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Want to see where you're going with modifications? Measure the airflow meter output.

Using the Airflow Meter as a Dyno

Designing a DIY electric bike

Building an Electric Bike Part 1

Installing the machinery in a home workshop

Building a Home Workshop, Part 9

More low cost aerodynamic testing techniques

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 3

Stormwater and council inspection

A New Home Workshop, Part 6

The electronics of diesel engine fuel systems

Common Rail Diesel Engine Management, Part 2

Not a flat six in sight...

The Electric Porsche

Reducing engine intake restriction to a bare minimum

We Have a Record!

Improve BOTH power and fuel economy!

Auto Air Conditioner Controller

Less than $5 and yet can make a real driving improvement

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 5

What are the risks and benefits?

Children and home workshops

Assessing the performance of an amazing human powered vehicle

Air 150 Recumbent Trike, Part 2

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