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Issue 697 of AutoSpeed

The extraordinary Tatras

Literally decades ahead of their time in aerodynamics and engine technology

Project Honda Insight, Part 17 Lean cruise and driver adjustable controls

Complex tweaks to the MoTeC mapping to improve fuel economy, and fitting two new dash control knobs

Undertrays, Spoiler & Bonnet Vents, Part 3

Designing, siting, installing and testing bonnet vents

Plumbing Basics, Part 2

All sorts of valves

Issue 696 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 16 The digital dash

Lots of instruments and warnings

Undertrays, Spoiler & Bonnet Vents, Part 2

Designing, siting, installing and testing an undertray/spoiler

Plumbing Basics, Part 1

The ins and outs of plumbing

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Bike LED Lighting Power!

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World's Greatest Cars, Part 2

Part 1 of our major new series on understanding car electronics

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 1

Setting up oxy acetylene gear

Beginners' Guide to Welding, Part 2

One of the all-time great aero specials

Holden Commodore VL SS Group A Walkinshaw

Why two PC fans are unlikely to improve your engine's performance...

The Twin Turbo Zet

The rear suspension

Chalky, Part 5

Is it time for a new direction in car modification?

Where to From Here?

The series conclusion

A New Home Workshop, Part 10

We could be served up far better new cars

Three utter failings of current cars

A new low cost data logger

Five Channel USB Data Logger, Part 1

Single-handedly erecting the framework for a home workshop

Building a Home Workshop, Part 3

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